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Off the Clock: What More Time Can (and Can’t) Do for School Turnarounds
Silva, E. (2012, March)
Washington, DC: Education Sector

“More than 90 percent of the schools in the [SIG] program have selected one of two options—‘turnaround’ and ‘transformation’—that mandate more time.” This report reviews “data on how these schools are actually using ‘increased learning time’….The variations are wide—from adding minutes to the school day to providing after-school programs to shortening recess and lunch. Some approaches show clear potential, while others face considerable limits to implementation.”

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Minnesota Out-Of-School Time Primary Funding Streams
Minnesota Department of Education. (2012, March)
Roseville, MN: Author

This report describes the “state of out-of-school” program funding in Minnesota for the fiscal year 2011. It finds that inconsistent funding challenges planning, staffing, “systemic development,” and even the sustainability of high-quality programs. The report asserts the need to identify “resource streams” for local programs that do not receive direct funding.



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