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Born on the Bayou: A New Model for American Education
Osbourne, D. (2012, September)
Washington, DC: Third Way

This report describes “a series of critical changes in the incentives and dynamics that govern schools in New Orleans.” It gives a history of changes there beginning before Hurricane Katrina, examines the present situation and future plans, and offers recommendations for other districts based on key elements: decentralization of operational control, accountability, consequences for performance, clarity of purpose, and culture change.

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Keeping the Lid on Charter Schools: Capping and the Politics of Education Reform (pdf)
DeNardis, L. (2012)
The New England Journal of Political Science, 5(2), 186–228.

“State factors that are predictive of a large charter school supply such as high income, urbanization, population heterogeneity, and an achievement gap, are present in Connecticut. Yet charter schools remain on the margins of reform efforts since the Constitution state opened its first charter school in 1997. This paper will explain the political and institutional factors that account for Connecticut’s low provision of charter schools as rooted in a weak charter school law.”


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